Educator Excellence Awards

Every year, each class of the 6 Year MD program selects to award one Educator within their year (on the basis of providing an outstanding learning environment)  to receive an honorary certificate, a neat little gift – and of course – bragging rights!

Th 2016-2017 academic year winners follow:

1/6 MD: Prof. dr hab. Agata Ptak-Belowska
2/6 MD: Dr. Katarzyna Cieszielczyk
3/6 MD: Dr. hab med. Jakub Kenig
4/6 MD: Dr. n. med. Elżbieta Trąbka-Janik
5/6 MD: Dr. hab. Monika Bociaga-Jasik
6/6 MD: Dr. Piotr Kruczek



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2017 Spring Gala!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the 2017 Spring Gala, hosted with the 4YSG and 5YSG. It was a great hit! All of the pictures from the night can be found within the Facebook event for the Gala.

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2017-2018 Grant Applications have been reviewed!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a grant application for the 2017-2018 academic year. Following all of the presentations, all of the applications were carefully reviewed and funds were allocated. All applications that received funding should have received an email containing all of the necessary details.

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6 Year Student Government Grants 2017

The period of applying for 6YSG grants has opened. Applicants are to write a formal request and meet with the 6YSG to discuss the purpose of the grant and its projected impact. 6YSG grants may be used for academic, social, or sports related initiatives or any initiative for the betterment of the student experience at the School of Medicine in English UJ CM. Grants shall be approved by a vote of 6YSG after reviewing the application.

All students interested in applying for funding from 6YSG should read the list of requirements below (found in the document), and submit their application no later than Tuesday, February 28th, 2017. Applications should be submitted to 6YSG via email, at Application + information available at this link Grant applications 2017.

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2016 Christmas Gala

Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s Christmas Gala, and an especially big thank you to everyone that helped out in its organization. The pictures from this wonderful night can be found on the 6 Year Student Government’s Facebook page found here. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next formal event – the Spring ball!

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Results of the 2016 6YSG Elections

Congratulations to our new and returning class reps for 2016-2017!

1/6 Ingebrigt Holstad, Danny Kim, Danick Lambert

2/6 Terje Skeie, Maja Solbakken, Kamil Winnicki

3/6 Ellen Andrea Mejer Nygårdsmoen, Vilde Strøm, Michael Zbiegien

4/6 Jens Arnesen, Katherine Kreciwilk, Peter Pacut

5/6 Therese Anfindsen, Bjørn Eric Wöbcke, Justyna Zybaczynska

6/6 Kaia Helene Frang Høivik, Kayla Moore, Ann Cecilie Vaadal

Thank you for voting! Congratulations again to all Class Reps!

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Welcome (back) to Krakow for the new academic year..

..and welcome to our new website! Have a look around to learn more about opportunities to get involved in the academic and social life of our university!

Make sure to cast your vote of support for the guy or girl you’d like to see as your class representative this upcoming year. The election will be held in the beginning of October. Precise dates will follow soon – both here and on our Facebook page.

Would you like to run as a class rep? Then have a look here.

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